The entire production of pumps of Marco 3

Pumps for Diesel and Oil Transfer

Self-priming electric pumps of compact footprint with bronze gears for diesel transfer. Helical bronze gears guarantee constant pressure, heavy duty cycles, less noise and can operate in the absence of liquid.

220V driven, impeller and gear pumps

A wide choice of impeller ans gear pumps coupled with 220 Volts motors. Body also available in Aisi 316 for use with corrosive liquids

The entire production of pumps of Marco 4
The entire production of pumps of Marco 5

Electronic water pressure pumps

Self-priming electric pumps with helical PTFE gears, universal voltage 12V / 24V, check valve and electronic pressure sensor. The PTFE gears guarantee constant pressure, heavy-duty cycles, lower noise levels and excellent resistance to chemicals.

Oil change systems

Reversible electronic pumps and systems for oil fill and drain operations. The electronic control adjusts the speed of the motor according to oil viscosity/temperature and increases its speed during priming for faster operations. The system automatically shuts off in case of empty tank, short circuit and after 30 minutes of operation.

The entire production of pumps of Marco 6